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 FREE GIFT from Lisa Marie Rosati – The Goddess Lifestyle Plan


Magical Goddess Lifestyle Swag Bag

Do you live an abundant life of happiness, magic and fulfillment? What’s stopping you? Learn how to design your goddess lifestyle that gratifies your unique passions, desires and needs!


 FREE GIFT from Stacey Martino – Love and Passion Coach

Stacey Martino

How to Transform Your Relationship in Eight Steps

Discover how to reignite the passion in your relationship, create a rock solid alignment and enjoy a ravishing intimacy with your partner as revealed through the proven step-by-step Relationship Transformation System®. It does NOT take two to tango! One person can absolutely transform a relationship! This simple 8 step system is strategically designed to empower you to get unstuck and create the love and passion you desire in your relationship!


FREE GIFT from Stacey Curnow – Midwife for Your Life


The Purpose and Passion Guidebook

Discover Your Purpose inside the inspiring and content-rich pages of The Purpose and Passion Guidebook: 6 Steps to Doing Good, Feeling Good and Achieving Your Dreams. It shows you how to tap into your deepest desires, claim your true value and identify your soul’s work.


 FREE GIFT from Mal Duane – Reclaim Your Life Coaching  


The Life Recovery Formula E-Book and Audio Class

The Life Recovery Formula E-book and Audio class will guide you through a process of enhancing your self-care, increasing your self-love and discovering your inner happiness. Utilizing a few simple steps, you too can live life as an authentic and awakened woman.



 FREE GIFT from Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, HHC – Awakening the Goddess Within 

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10 Signs Your Inner Goddess Is Calling You and Tips to Answering this Sacred Call

The 10 Signs Your Inner Goddess is Calling You eworkbook is my gift to you. Think of it as a sacred guide to support you in removing the layers of veils preventing you from embracing the truth of who you are: a Goddess here to shine your inner light and illuminate the world with your gifts.


 FREE GIFT from Laura Clark – Soul Wise Living  


How to Maintain Courage in the Moments of Self-Doubt

Ever feel your self-doubt rising? Ever feel timid? Fearful? It’s okay ~ Even the Bravest of the Brave do! Discover how you can face it, release it and step forward~ how you can Maintain courage in those Pesky Moments of Self Doubt. Grab your Courage Creation Kit!


 FREE GIFT from Shann Vander Leek – True Balance International, LLC

Shann Vander Leek

Walk in Beauty in 15 Minutes – Sacred Series

Do you wrestle with self-care, putting everyone and everything else before your own needs? Learn how to Walk in Beauty with the Strength, Courage and Pleasure of Reclaiming Your Feminine Sovereignty! Claim this Sacred Audio Series and Bonus Transformation Goddess Manifesto with Supportive Practices to Awaken the Goddess Within.


 FREE GIFT from Wendy Van de Poll


What Does Your Animal Know About You Kit

Are you ready to learn how animals can easily yet soulfully guide you to be a more powerful woman, make awesome decisions, feel empowered by who you are, and live life to your fullest potential? Are you also looking for a way to really help your animal? Start your journey with this new and exciting way by claiming your Free Gift. Your starter kit includes: 4 Audio’s with 4 PDF’s ~ Plus a fantastic Bonus Gift! The good news is… You don’t need to own an animal to learn what they know about you!


 FREE GIFT from Shelley Lundquist – Uncovery Coach


Reclaim Your Magnificence – Uncover Your Inner Truth

From my heart to yours…
Are you ready to step into your full personal power? Are you ready to face your fears and to overcome hidden obstacles? As you discover new clarity and accept your power, you will begin to create the life of you’ve always imagined. 


 FREE GIFT from Peggy Nolan


30 Ways to Boost Your Positivity

Are you stuck on the crazy-go-round of negative thinking? Are you stressed and overwhelmed? Do you need a time out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to download 30 Ways to Boost Your Positivity and Meditation on Breath today! 


 FREE GIFT from Kellyann Schaefer – Task Complete


The Secrets to Doing Less and Living More

Doing Less and Living More IS the secret to Happiness! Your free Guide will quickly show how to identify where your time is being lost, where you may want to focus more and how to improve your quality of life and discover greater happiness!


 FREE GIFT from Debra L. Reble, Ph.D. – HeartPaths

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10 Keys to Soul-Hearted Living

This e-guide shows you how to live in spiritual alignment with your soul’s journey. By incorporating these heart-centered practices into your life, you will open to a more positive energy flow which brings about clarity, happiness, and well-being. Join me on the path to living heart and soulfully. 


 FREE GIFT from Christy Whitman International


Create More Abundance Now!

Receive 7 Exclusive Videos about The Universal Laws of Manifestation from New York Times Best-Selling Author Christy Whitman & Be Inspired to Manifest Your Personal, Professional and Financial Goals! Plus get one hour of free Law of Attraction coaching with a Quantum Success Coach! (Value $470)


 FREE GIFT from Kristi Ling


Free Happiness Kit Featuring Empowering Ebook and Audio

In this fun, inspiring, eBook and audio workshop, happiness strategist Kristi Ling shares her formulas for less stress, better health, and ridiculously productive, creative days. Positive mornings are a must for creating a happier, more peaceful, more dynamic life. This happiness kit will show you how to give your mornings – and your life – a lasting joyful makeover!


 FREE GIFT from Mia Moran – StayBasic 


PlanSimple Meals 101 {food, scheduling and mindset}

You have an urge to eat more vegetables and less gluten, and maybe even get rid of the sugar. But… the food changes feel overwhelming (kids love pasta!), and your days feel full. This class will make the impossible feel totally doable (3-day meal plan and scheduler included). 


 FREE GIFT from Lisa Wells


Automation Kit for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

Your marketing plan is a roadmap for one of the key components of your business – marketing. You want to share your wisdom in a way that feels good. That’s what my automation kit is all about – helping you create your marketing plan that supports your heart-centered online business.


 FREE GIFT from Lynda Monk – Creative Wellness  


Writing for Wellness Getting Started Guide

Are you curious about the many healing benefits of journaling and expressive writing? Discover how reflective journaling can be a transformational tool for renewal, optimal health and personal growth. Receive over 30 journaling prompts and exercises to help you reduce stress, gain clarity, enhance balance and replenish from within. Nourish your mind, body, heart and spirit through going to the page. This guide offers you inspiration and information for your Writing for Wellness journey.


 FREE GIFT from Alexa Linton

Alexa Linton

Your Roadmap to a Lighter, more Wonder-filled Life!

Life isn’t supposed to be heavy, boring, blah, and stressful. So why does it often feel that way?? In this fun romp of a road map to your way more incredible life, energy healer Alexa Linton shares how you can easily shift on the inside to dramatically and positively change your world on the outside! Because who doesn’t want to live a lighter, more wonder-filled life? And did we mention that there’s horses involved?


 FREE GIFT from Sangita Patel – Embrace Your Inner Self  


Stress to Bliss in 5 Minutes

In our day to day life, we tend to run around with anxieties which causes our energies to get scattered. This repetitive process is an example of stress building in our mind and body. This free gift offers guided imagery, instructions, and exercises that will help you get a kickstart in getting relief from the stressful state into that of a blissful state.


 FREE GIFT from Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC – Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching  


Free 6 piece Holistic Practice Building Kit and CD

Your Free Holistic Practice Building Kit Includes: Audio Training CD: “Thriving Practice Secrets: 5 Simple Secrets to Creating a Thriving Practice”; Online Marketing Blueprint: 6 Steps to Use Online Marketing to Grow Your Holistic Practice; Video Training: “3 Mistakes People Make when Building their Holistic Practice”; 5 Tips to Get Clients NOW; The 9 Principles of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching and the Holistic Practice Assessment.


 FREE GIFT from Linda Bard – The Executive Muse


Divine Blueprint Marketing Templates

Discover your Divine Blueprint from the Soul Level Map in your hand! Gain confidence and clarity by using these innovative tools to unearth your unique essence. This insight allows you to authentically craft your marketing messages. Up-level your client magnetizing power. And create meaning and money, while making a difference! 


 FREE GIFT from Boni Lonnsburry – Inner Art Inc.


Dream Building Kit

Creating a life you love begins with a dream. This free kit will walk you through the process of building your dream—one step at a time. Your life-changing kit includes a Dream Building Workbook, a quiz: Are You Ready to Create a Life You Love, Sample Intentions and Commonly Asked Questions on Creating Your Dream.


 FREE GIFT from Sandi Gordon – Great Life Balance by GECG, LLC


5 Surefire Strategies to Balance Your Life

You’re uber busy trying to “have it all.” But is your life really “full”…or is it spilling over so much you’re afraid of drowning? Learn to turn mundane situations into opportunities to gain wisdom, power, and happiness without depending on other people or life’s current conditions! Using these 5 strategies will move you towards living life with passion, purpose and BALANCE! You already know what overwhelm is. Learn to adjust to all of life’s demands and quirks. By choice. Life by YOUR design.




 FREE GIFT from Tiffany Kane – Connected To Your Core


Raising Empowered Children

Attention parents! Frustrated by feeling inadequate when it should come naturally? Ever wonder, “Why is parenting so hard for me?” Tired of believing it’s easier for everyone else?  You never have to feel that way again! And you can Raise Empowered Children in the process. Download your Audio Program Now!


 FREE GIFT from Marianne MacKenzie


Soulful Living Bundle: Worksheet and Audio Guide  

How to Live Soulfully includes a powerful worksheet and audio to guide you to Assess your current life, Identify your DESIRED life and determine an action plan to propel you toward your desires.



 FREE GIFT from Tina Van Leuven – InnerDelight


Money and Miracles Treasure Chest

Boost your joy and money mojo with a beautiful joy booster healing meditation, a powerful money alignment audio and an extract from Money and Miracles PDF. Access the gifts awaiting you inside the Money and Miracles Treasure Chest now.


 FREE GIFT from Stacey Hoffer Weckstein – Inspiring Social Media

Stacey Hoffer Weckstein

Top Social Media Mistakes Heart-Centered Female Entrepreneurs Make

In this free video training, Stacey Hoffer Weckstein shares her success secrets to grow your online tribe, increase social media engagement, and spread your meaningful message. Learn heart-centered social media strategies you can start implementing today that will set you apart from the rest. 




Free Gift from Aspire Magazine

Complimentary Subscription includes over 50 Gifts

Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul.™ Aspire Magazine is the premier inspirational digital magazine for women since 2009. Every soul-inspiring issue features today’s leading female visionaries, authors and new thought leaders.  Your free subscription includes six issues per year, over 50 transformational gifts from our Team Inspiration partners and more.


Free Gift from Inspired Living Publishing

Visionary Author Gift Bundle

The bestselling publisher of Choosing Happiness invites you to discover the power of authentic storytelling to transform lives and your business. Your Visionary Author Gift Bundle includes “The Power of Collaborative Books & Ebooks to Grow Your List & Enhance Your Brand” report as well as the audio Transforming Lives and Inspiring Connection through the Power of Authentic Storytelling.


Free Gift from Linda Joy

5 Feminine Success Principles of Authentic List Building

Marketing with Heart IS Possible. In this 21 page special report, Authentic Marketing and List-Building Catalyst and Bestselling Publisher Linda Joy shares the 5 feminine success principles that empowered her in attracting a thriving, and loyal, family of over 43,000 women and 18,000 social media fans in just over four years. 

Linda Joy _120X150

Free Gift from Shannon Kaiser

Love Your Life to The Fullest Guide

Maximize your full potential with this free guide on how to love your life to the fullest. Shannon Kaiser shares her signature process to feeling good from the inside out.


Free Gift from Kellie R. Stone

Life Changing Report: 7 Steps to Living on Purpose

Ever sense there’s more to life than the day-to-day grind? This dynamic report is for you! 7 Steps to Living on Purpose reveals the path to defining and embracing your sacred gifts and life purpose. It’s gentle, easy to follow, and each of the 7 steps take you closer to the life of your dreams!


Free Gift from Britt Reints

Write Your Mission Statement! Workbook

Six Small Steps. One Giant Leap. Happiness expert Britt Reints walks you through this step-by-step guide to developing a crystal clear mission statement. You’ll end up with a personalized road map for navigating all of life’s journeys.


Free Gift from Kristine Carlson

7 Keys to Not Sweating the Small Stuff so you can Live the Big Stuff eworkbook

Are you ready for more happiness, passion, and peace in your life?  Claim your beautiful 18 page eworkbook and manifesto to inspire and empower you to live fully in the present moment. Topics include “Lean into Your Fear’, ‘Live Authentically and with Presence’ and much more.  This soul-inspired eworkbook includes reflective journaling prompts to bring you deeper into the empowering lessons.

Kristine Carlson Gift image

Free Gift from Jill Hope

3 Secrets to Ignite Your Daughter’s Confidence

Your daughter does not need to spend her school years suffering! In this 49 page e-book, you will learn 3 simple secrets to empower your daughter with the confidence, self-acceptance, and inner strength she needs to deal happily and effectively with her peers and be true to who she is.


Free Gift from Maryellen DeVine

Sacred Journey Gift Package: Deepen Your Connection with Your Inner Priestess for Life & Biz Success

Your Soul-self ~ your Inner Priestess ~ may be nudging you to connect more with her, or to your creativity, your self-care, or to your angels. In this gift package you will explore different areas of life and business, then be led through powerful, yet gentle processes to release, shift and uplift.


Free Gift from Susan Lander

Celebrity Spirits Offer Words of Wisdom

What can famous celebrities in spirit, such as Farrah Fawcett and Queen Elizabeth I, teach you to improve your life? Find out in the new Hay House book, “Conversations with History,” in which psychic medium Susan Lander channels interviews with 22 celebrities in spirit! Click for 2 free interviews.


Free Gift from Katie Mazzocco

Spiritual Entrepreneur Productivity Kit

You have important work to do in the world, so why are you tolerating playing small by being unproductive in your business? Expand your reach and increase your income with my free Spiritual Entrepreneur Productivity Kit.


Free Gift from Terri Britt

Tired of always trying to “do it right”?

It’s time to break the good girl rules! Terri Britt, Emotional Intelligence Expert, Energetic Healer, and Change Agent for women, shares what the good girl rules are, how they energetically create lack in your life, and how to let them go so you finally receive the abundance you want. (Audio)


Free Gift from Catherine Ewing

The Feminine Quest audio series

If you’re ready to be inspired and learn how to create a more authentic, passionate and purposeful life, then be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to listen to these uplifting audios!
The world needs you to be all you can be.


Free Gift from Patricia Young

5 Mistakes People Make When Finding Life Purpose

Are you living a purposeful life? We all come here with a unique purpose in life. Living in alignment with our Authentic Self and our Life Purpose is the way we are supposed to live. It’s time to transform your life to the one you came here to live, so you can give your greatness to the world!


Free Gift from Stacy Rowan

Kick-Start Your Custom Built Life

This eBook enables you to create more energy and focus, develop the confidence to let go of old, limiting beliefs, and create new rules that work for you. Implementing these actions gives you the courage to dream bigger and create the balanced, happy life you have always wanted!


Free Gift from Lisa Tener

Secrets of Compelling Writing

Award winning book coach Lisa Tener shares the secrets of compelling writing—secrets that have helped her clients write award winning books and get 5-and 6-figure book deals from top publishers.


Free Gift from Susun Weed

A Healthy and Happy Heart the Wise Woman Way!

Embark on your heart healing journey from the comfort of your home – at your own pace with guidance from health expert Susun Weed. Invite a friend for Susun’s two for one special. Want to have a powerful, healthy heart and cardiovascular system without drugs? You can! It’s easy and fun.


Free Gift from Lumari

30 Days to Greater Joy

LOVE THE LIFE YOU’RE IN! This little book by Lumari, can amplify your joy factor and change your life. Go through the entire book, and in 30 Days these practical, fun methods will increase your fulfillment and well-being and bring lasting joy into your life.


Free Gift from Lisa Michaels

Accelerate Your Sacred Manifestation Power

Learn to align with your essence, bring your true gifts to the world, and manifest your creations with more grace and ease. Sign Up for lots of juicy gifts in our Creation Starter Kit designed to help you get started Accelerating Your Sacred Manifestation Power!


Free Gift from Nancy Levin

Ten Steps to Letting Go and Leaping!

On this audio, I guide you through an experiential process with my first step from Jump . . . and Your Life Will Appear: admitting to yourself what you already know. This exercise is designed to help you discover what that is so that you can move powerfully forward.


Free Gift from Gretchen Duhaime

Gretchen’s Intuitive Oracle – Guidance on Demand

I always seem to have great opportunities just fall in my lap. But it wasn’t always this way. I spent years struggling to figure out what I wanted and how to get it.
Now I’m going to let you in on the secret to my success – my own personal Oracle deck. Now you can have YOUR miracles!


Free Gift from Sherry Gaba

How to Attract Positive Energy

Become AWAKE in your LIFE by OVERCOMING your addictions & negative habits with this MP3 meditation. You’ll explore an infinite intelligence and see yourself as having the POWER WITHIN YOU TO OVERCOME ANY ADDICTION or NEGATIVE HABIT keeping you UNCONSCIOUS FROM YOUR LIFE. See CHANGES immediately.


Free Gift from Kim Turcotte

You Are A Goddess! Kit – Reclaim Your True Goddess Nature In Four Simple Steps

This audio series has been created provide information that will help women just like you and me (who tend to do too much and put themselves last on the list) to remember that we are sacred and that we MUST create sacred time for ourselves EVERY DAY in order to live the life we dream of living.


Free Gift from Shannon Elhart

The One Week to Less Stress, More Happiness Challenge

In only one week you’ll decrease your stress level and increase your happiness! You’ll receive seven quick videos and an interactive workbook of resources that will teach you why people stress, how to de.stress and relax, and how to bring more happiness into your life. Join the challenge now!


Free Gift from Andrea Moss

7 Breakfasts You Can Make in 5 Minutes

No time to nourish yourself? No more excuses! Here are 7 of our favorite go-to healthy breakfasts that can be made in 5 minutes. Feel good every day with these nourishing, energizing, and delicious choices to kick off your day.


Free Gift from Dana D’Orsi

Create Your Life by Design — NOT by Default: 5 Simple Steps to Go from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Do you feel stuck or frustrated in some area of your life? In this audio training, you’ll get simple, actionable tips you can put into practice immediately to help you get “unstuck” and moving forward in the right direction—toward a life of purpose, meaning & personal fulfillment.


Free Gift from Cena Block

9 Essential Strategies for Mompreneur’s Sanity

This video training course and workbook introduces the steps to follow to align your mompreneur business with your life! Work life balance is possible when you start with your core values and build your business around the lifestyle you truly desire as a working mom! Your CORE 4 are the key ingredients that help you clarify your business mission, ideal clients, purpose and passions, and the Sanity Dimensions offer strategies and the guidance you need to succeed in your life-centered business.


Free Gift from Rachel Dunham

Heal Your Self, Heal Your Brand

You are more powerful than you know. Find out why, and start attracting more ‘yeses’ from the right clients by getting clear on who you really are, as you are led through some of the most important foundational questions for your business.

HealYourBrand-Cov copy

Free Gift from Julia Maria Lloyd

The Gremlin Chaser™ Technique

Get relief from your Gremlins, and from what is holding you back!

Stop getting emotionally triggered by people and situations all the time! This proven technique helps you release stuck energy from your body and instantly connect to your authentic core. Tested and proven by many clients over the last few years. Also comes with an interactive journal to record 20 of your experiences with this technique.

Gremlin-Chaser-3D-BookW300 copy

Free Gift from Jodi Scholes

10 Major Mistakes Massage Therapists Clinic Owners Make Over and Over Again

Running a massage center? Discover in this free report why to never offer a Group On and the dangers of ignoring clients who have gone missing in action.
This report offers you insights into major pitfalls to avoid. Seriously interested in growing your practice? Let my struggles be your solution- as my free gift to you. Its not just what you do that can sabotage your practice; its what you don’t do…

Jodi Report Hi-Res B

Free Gift from Adrienne Fikes

30 Second Soul Power Challenge™ Gift Bundle

Download your 30 Second Soul Power Challenge™ to sort the 12 Soul Power Life Areas according to the most important. You’ll also receive my special report and mp3 audio ’20 Tips for Balanced Living” as well as the bonus audio, ‘Creating Better Relationships by Making Better Decisions’. Your free gift also includes acomplimentarytaste of a Soul Power Coaching Conversation. Download your gift bundle today.



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